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Uber Completes 2 Billion Rides

A sticker with the Uber logo is displayed in the window of a car.Photograph by Justin Sullivan—Getty Images

On June 18, Uber completed its two billionth ride, the ride-hailing company said Monday.

To be accurate, 147 Uber rides tied for the two billionth trip since they all started exactly at the same time—4:16:48 a.m. Greenwich Mean Time. These rides happened across 16 countries and five continents, according to the company.

The milestone is significant for Uber because just six months ago, on Christmas Eve, it completed its billionth trip. So in just half a year, it provided as many rides as it did in the first five years of the company’s existence.

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While it has since expanded by adding rolling out operations in new cities, Uber says that much of this is due to its growth within cities in the past six months.

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Just as it did last time, Uber is giving those lucky drivers and passengers a gift. Each is getting $450 in cash or Uber credits to celebrate the 450 cities in which it’s currently operating.

The company continues its aggressive expansion, especially in countries like China, where it’s still playing catch-up to local rival Didi Chuxing.