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Facebook Is Shutting Down Its Paper News Reading App

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Facebook (FB) is shutting down its news-reading app Paper at the end of the month.

Launched in 2014, Paper was an alternative to Facebook’s flagship app. Its layout was focused on showcasing articles, not just status updates from Facebook friends. Users could personalize the app with customizable sections for photography, sports, food, science, and other subjects, featuring content from well-known publications and other sources.

The app was known for its sleek layout. Users would tap on a link, and it would unfold like a letter. Pulling down on the story would fold it back up, returning the user to the feed. Despite this, according to research firm App Annie, Facebook’s Paper has not been among the 1,500 most downloaded apps since late 2014.

Paper was created by Facebook Creative Labs, a development arm of the company that was shut down in December. However, Facebook says many of the ideas from Paper have made their way into its other apps, such as Instant Articles. In September, the Washington Post announced that it would be sending 100% of its content to the fast-loading story format.

According to The Verge, Instant Articles also borrowed several design elements from Paper, including full-bleed images and custom designs for individual publishers’ articles.


“Our goal with Paper was to explore new immersive, interactive design elements for reading and interacting with content on Facebook, and we learned how important these elements are in giving people an engaging experience,” the company said in its message to users.

The app—which was only available for iOS— will be shut down on July 29 and be removed from the app store today.

Fortune has reached out to Facebook for comment and will update the story if the company responds.