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Amazon Just Re-entered the Smartphone Business

The Second Day Of The Mobile World CongressThe Second Day Of The Mobile World Congress
A Moto G mobile phone, manufactured by Lenovo Group Ltd.Photo by Chris Ratcliffe—Bloomberg via Getty Images

After an unsuccessful venture into the smartphone business with its Fire Phone, Amazon (AMZN) is dusting itself off and trying again.

The e-retailer began selling two Android smartphones on its website on Wednesday, each at about a $50 discount—the R1 HD is being sold at a starting price of $50, and Lenovo’s fourth-generation Moto G begins at $150, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Both of these offers are Prime Exclusives, meaning they’re only available to customers who pay either $11 a month or $100 a year for Amazon’s Prime service. In addition to discounted Android phones, the service also offers customers two-day shipping, unlimited photo storage, and unlimited streaming of music, television shows, and movies.

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Amazon is able to sell the two cellphones at a discounted rate because they’re supported by ads, which will show up on your lock screen. If you don’t want the ads, you’ll have to fork over that extra $50. The phones will also come pre-loaded with Amazon apps, similar to the Fire Phone. You won’t be able to delete them, but you can remove them from your home screen.