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This Is Where Amazon Cloud Is Opening Up Shop Next


Amazon massive cloud services are now officially available in India. The tech giant already promised to bring Amazon Web Services to the market last year.

The new Amazon (AMZN) Web Services Mumbai region brings the total number of AWS data center farms to 13 worldwide.

In cloud parlance, a “region” is a massive set of data centers built to provide fast services to a given geographic location. The Mumbai facility consists of two availability zones, the equivalent of separate sets of data centers with their own power supplies and facilities.

Having multiple zones in one location gives customers redundancy—if something fails in one zone, their work can fail over to the other zone, provided the customer sets up its operations wisely. AWS claims 35 availability zones globally.

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India is a popular market thanks to its growing number of high-tech companies and developers. IBM (IBM), Microsoft (MSFT), and other cloud companies have set their sites on providing fast cloud services in India as well as China.

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AWS is the oldest and largest of the big public cloud providers, which pool massive piles of servers, networking, and storage for customers to rent.

But it is not first to India. Microsoft (MSFT) opened up three Azure data center farms in India in September, and IBM opened its first SoftLayer facility in Chennai last October.

Parent company is also extremely interested in India as a market for its gigantic retail business. Earlier this month, Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos said the company is investing another $3 billion in building its Indian presence.