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Fortune Live for June 23, 2016: Autonomous Cars, Zevia, and Hillary Clinton

We have a great lineup today’s episode of Fortune Live, hosted this week by Andrew Nusca.

First, we’ll cover some of this week’s top news. To leave or not to leave: Brexit polls are too close to call. And what happens after Thursday’s vote? Fortune’s Brian O’Keefe and Anne VanderMey give us their takes. Then, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump talk tough on economic policy. We discuss the political jabs the presidential hopefuls have been throwing. Plus, Elon Musk‘s latest deal has investors shaking their heads. How will it affect the future of Tesla (TSLA)? Tune in to find out!

Then, in our series, “Really?!,” Fortune‘s Ben Geier takes a closer look at Clinton’s claims that a Trump presidency will be hazardous to the economy’s health.

Brad Katsuyama, CEO of IEX Group, stops by the studio to chat with Fortune digital editor Aaron Task about his company being named the newest stock exchange, and the future of trading on Wall Street.

Next, auto giants are inking deals with Silicon Valley startups and betting big on autonomous cars. Fortune‘s Erin Griffith talks about her cover piece for this month’s issue on self-driving cars. Check out the full article here.

Andrew then sits down with the CEO of soda startup Zevia to discuss how his company is reshaping the beverage business.

The conversation goes from sweet to savory as we touch base with Sam Fox, CEO of Fox Restaurant Concepts, about what the hottest food trends are and how to build a restaurant empire.

And how does a company make inroads in an already-saturated market? Koel Thomae, co-founder of the whole milk yoghurt company noosa, talks about how the company broke into the low-fat dairy industry.

To close our show, survivalist and adventurer Megan Hine gives her best advice for CEOs. For all wilderness lovers, this is a must-see!

You can go to to watch the full show and individual segments on demand after the show concludes.