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Hillary Clinton Goes on Offense Against Trump University

Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton Speaks At The SEIU 2016 International ConventionPresidential Candidate Hillary Clinton Speaks At The SEIU 2016 International Convention
Hillary Clinton speaks during the Service Employees International Union convention in Detroit, MichiganBloomberg via Getty Images

Hillary Clinton attacked presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump over his for-profit real estate school, signaling a key line of attack in the fall elections.

After documents from a lawsuit about the failed Trump University were released, Clinton went on the offense on Twitter, declaring the school was a “scam” and retweeting criticism of it.

“Trump University employed instructors with no experience and lied to sell outrageously expensive packages,” the likely Democratic nominee wrote. “In a word: fraud.”

A federal judge unsealed almost 400 pages of documents related to Trump University on Tuesday, revealing a moneymaking scheme in which staffers were advised on ways to get students to spend more money.

Clinton tied the news to a broader critique of Trump’s campaign, which could be telling for how she’ll handle the fall campaign.



“Trump U is devastating because it’s metaphor for his whole campaign: promising hardworking Americans way to get ahead, but all based on lies,” wrote Clinton press secretary Brian Fallon in a tweet.

In recent weeks, some Democrats have worried about how Clinton can successfully attack a candidate who escaped the primaries unscathed by missteps that would have sunk a more traditional candidate.

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