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This Could Be One Time Donald Trump Thinks Climate Change Is a Threat

All in good time, folks...MANDEL NGAN—AFP/Getty Images

Donald Trump has gone on the record many times saying he doesn’t believe that climate change is a real threat. But actions taken to protect his golf courses seem to say the contrary.

Trump International Golf Links Ireland is applying to build a coastal protection works around one of its golf courses in Ireland, reports Politico. And in the permit application for the seawall, the company is citing climate change and rising sea levels as one of its main reasons for wanting to build the structure.

Requests for comment from the Trump campaign and his business organization were not immediately returned. Both groups declined to comment for Politico’s story.


Trump bought the Trump International Golf Links & Hotel Ireland, located in County Clare, in 2014 after a number of storms battered the coast near the resort.

Citing global warming goes directly against Trump’s image on the campaign trail. Politico notes that he has called it “pseudoscience.”