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Maya Rudolph Returns to SNL to Spoof Impeached Brazilian President

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Maya RudolphMichael Tran — FilmMagic/Getty Images

This story originally appeared on Entertainment Weekly.

The 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil will be BYOB — that’s Bring Your Own Buildings — according to the recently-impeached Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff. Or rather, the spoofed version of her as hilariously played by Maya Rudolph on Saturday Night Live this weekend.

Rudolph returned to 30 Rock to answer questions from Weekend Update host Colin Jost, or “juicy baby” as she referred to him throughout the sketch, about being thrown out of office for committing budget fraud and the botched preparations for the Summer Olympics, which begin August 5.

In addition to concerns that sporting event facilities and other structures won’t be ready, there’s also that potent problem with water quality. “Our rivers are full of poison from the human dookies,” Rudolph’s Rousseff said to big laughs, later adding they just need to “take one million poo-poos out of the river.”

Pointing out her new Golden Girls-inspired hairdo — “I go to the barber and say, ‘Hey guys, give me the new Rue McClanahan,’” — she also tells Jost to call her by her first name since she is no longer president. “Dilllllllllllma, like your tongue is mad at the rest of your mouth,” she instructs him. After Jost gives it a couple tries, sounding Russian more than anything, she tells him, “You are not good at it.”

See Rudolph’s return to SNL and her take on former Brazilian President Rousseff, below.