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This McDonald’s Is Very Excited About ‘The Angry Birds Movie’

A New McDonald's Drive-Thru Facility Opens In BeijingA New McDonald's Drive-Thru Facility Opens In Beijing
A McDonald's employee hands out food.Photograph by Guang Niu—Getty Images

China is apparently very excited about the upcoming release of The Angry Birds Movie.

One McDonald’s (MCD) location there has gone all out with Angry Birds-themed decorations and, as China’s Kotaku reports, has even dedicated two new menu items to the game-turned-movie: the “Angry Red” burger and the “Bad Piggy” or “Naughty Green Pork” burger.

The former is made with two chicken patties sandwiched between red hamburger buns. The latter, according to That’s Mags, has a pork hamburger patty, an egg, and a sauce flavored with jalapeño, all stuffed between two green hamburger buns.

The restaurant’s decor is also overwhelmingly focused on the movie. The exterior glass is covered with pictures of the movie’s characters. When you walk inside you’re greeted by what looks like a large red Angry Bird statue, signs that say “Welcome Angry Birds,” and even more pictures of the characters adorning the tables. Food is either served in red Angry Bird boxes or on Angry Bird plates.


McDonald’s could not immediately be reached for comment.