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Amy Schumer and Lena Dunham Team Up to Take On Body Shamers

Amy SchumerAmy Schumer
Amy SchumerPhotograph by Gregg DeGuire — Getty Images

This story originally appeared on Entertainment Weekly.

Girls star Lena Dunham joined forces with Amy Schumer for a new Inside Amy Schumer sketch on body shamers.

In the video from Comedy Central, Schumer has a shopping experience from hell with a saleswoman at a boutique. “Can you keep your voice down? You’re scaring the thinner customers,” she tells the comedian. After pondering what a U.S. size 12 is, she brings Schumer to a section for her “situation”: an open field where she meets Dunham and a cow named Daisy who’s shopping for her daughter’s bat mitzvah.

“I asked for a turtleneck, they brought me here. That was like three months ago,” Dunham says. The saleswoman eventually sends Schumer home with a blue tarp (perfect for “covering your problem areas”) and a mall pretzel (because “we assumed that’s where you’d be going next”).

Watch the sketch below.

“True honor to wear this sheer poncho with my sister,” Dunham tweeted.