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Burger King Has Opened a Spa in One of its Restaurants

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Burger King sign.Photo by Michael Smith—Getty Images

A spa day can only be improved upon with the addition of a Whopper.

At least that seems to be the logic behind one of Burger King’s (BKW) latest moves. Metro reports that the fast food behemoth has recently opened a spa at one of its restaurants in Finland.

The spa is located on the ground floor of a Burger King location in Helsinki. It includes a 15-person sauna, which, according to the website, is perfect for “social gathering or work.” Another sauna fits 10 guests and is equipped with a 48-inch screen television. The rooms are decorated in Burger King fashion with red and blue benches, towels adorned with the familiar logo, and “Home of the Whopper” plastered on the wall.

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There is also a media lounge furnished with a 55-inch TV and a Playstation 4 as well as a shower room, locker room, laundry room, and bathroom. Guests can place an order when they arrive, and have their food delivered to the spa. Prices starts at $285 for a 3-hour block.