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College Students Can Now Get Apple Music For 50% Off

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Half off with a college IDPhotograph by Bloomberg via Getty Images

It’s not just for museums, movies, and Amazon Prime anymore—a college student ID can also now get you a 50% discount on Apple Music starting Friday.

According to Apple (AAPL), students who are enrolled in an eligible college or university can pay $4.99 for the music streaming service rather than the full cost of $9.99 a month. The discount will be available to students in the U.S., U.K., Denmark, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. Though prices may vary among countries, the discount will always be 50% off.

The deal will be available not just for undergrads. Any student, including those in masters programs, who are enrolled in college can sign up, according to TechCrunch. The discount lasts for four years, but if any student who decides to take a year off can pause the discount and resume it a year later.


The move will undoubtedly bring in more users for Apple Music, which reportedly reached 13 million paying customers as of last week. Apple has been trying aggressively to attract new users in a fiercely competitive market filled with players such as Spotify and SoundCloud. Among its promotions, Apple Music also allows users a three-month-long trial period, while Spotify offers 30 days.

Apple also offers discounts to students on its Macs and iPads, but not nearly as hefty as Apple Music’s 50% off.