Why This San Francisco Neighborhood Hates ‘Full House’

April 27, 2016, 8:59 PM UTC

For people living on one street in San Francisco, it seems as if there are Full House fans everywhere you look.

The two-story Victorian house in San Francisco that appeared in the introduction of Full House is still pulling in tourists close to 30 years later. “It’s an endless stream of people,” one neighbor, Andrew Clemens, told the Wall Street Journal. “They drive through the neighborhood blasting the theme song,” adding that he often has to yell at people to get off the steps.

When the series sequel Fuller House was released on Netflix earlier this year, it revived tourists’ compulsion to visit the Tanner family’s home. And the fact that the house looks almost nothing like it does in the show (the new show uses the same 30 year old footage) hasn’t deterred them.

In an attempt to make their home less recognizable, the current owners have painted the house dark purple, and the familiar red door is now white. They also added a fence, which hasn’t stopped at least one fan from opening it and walking up the stairs to look through the windows. “They can’t hide from the Internet,” said Full House fan Michael Gonzalez.

The home even has its own Yelp page, with a rating of 3.5 stars averaged from about a hundred reviews. One five star review reads, “If you feel OK looking like a stalker and taking pictures in front of someone’s house then this is a perfect thing to knock off your SF list of things to do.” Another reviewer was less satisfied with the experience saying, “The house is repainted and is not as cool as expected.”