Even Apple Campus 2’s Sheds and Shacks Look Cool

April 15, 2016, 1:50 PM UTC
A maintenance shed at Apple Campus 2
City of Cupertino

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs’ obsession with design and finishing every last detail will be on full display at Apple’s new headquarters in Cupertino, Calif.

The Silicon Valley Business Journal on Thursday published new renderings of the buildings that will dot the vast landscape on Apple’s (AAPL) new campus, including maintenance sheds and places for employees to engage in recreational activities. And true to Apple form, all of them come with a design element that falls in line with the company’s broader plans to create a unique space in Silicon Valley.

The renderings, which were also published by Apple-tracking site 9to5Mac, show reception buildings featuring all-glass walls. Apple’s maintenance sheds come with minimalist designs that look somewhat similar to the boxier look and feel of some of Apple’s retail stores. In addition, the renderings show that Apple has two outdoor restaurants it’ll open outside the main campus’ “spaceship” that include a simple wood finish, roof, and little else. They’ll feature plenty of seating.

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Apple plans to start moving into its new campus next year, though far more work needs to be done. Each month, videographer Duncan Sinfeld performs drone flyovers to show the building’s progress. Earlier this month, he published his latest video, showing windows being installed and several cranes in action as workers rushed to get the main building buttoned up in time for Tim Cook and his team to move in.

The spaceship design—indeed, the entire campus—was pitched by Jobs to the people of Cupertino before his death in 2011. When it’s completed, the campus will have more than more than 7,000 trees. The “spaceship” itself will span 2.8 million square of office space to house 12,000 Apple employees. The entirely green design will come with 700,000 square feet of solar panels. To host its major annual events, Apple Campus 2, as it will be known, will also come with a 1,000-seat auditorium.

While the spaceship has received much of the attention thanks to its unique design, this is the first time we’ve caught a clear glimpse of some of the less-fancy buildings coming to the company’s new campus. On Thursday night, according to the Silicon Valley Business Journal, Apple was set to engage in “architectural review” with Cupertino’s regulators. The renderings were released to the public as part of that review.

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Apple is working with architectural firms for its new campus construction. But as with everything else Apple does, it’s clear the company has put its own design concepts on every last detail—even the places many people will never go.