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Instagram Is Adding Video Channels to Its ‘Explore’ Section

Some "videos you might like"Some "videos you might like"
Some "videos you might like"Image Courtesy Instagram

Facebook’s (FB) picture sharing app Instagram is updating its “Explore” section to add video channels that will appear in a feed according to users’ preferences.

The feature will have a personalized channel called “videos you might like” that will collect videos from across Instagram’s global community and also will include a “Featured” column highlighting videos on specific topics, Instagram said. The feature will adjust to users’ preferences with the aim of improving results.

For now, the upgrade will only be available in the United States, Instagram said on Thursday. Instagram version 7.20 is available on Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

In March, Instagram irked many users when it confirmed rumors that it will filter their feeds with algorithms to tailor photos based on their behavior and interests.


Shortly after that, the app said it’s extending the length of videos that can be uploaded from 15 seconds to 60 seconds. Instagram says that in the last six months, the time that users spent watching videos on the app has jumped by more than 40%.