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This Could Be the Ugliest Bank Note in the World

In this undated handout photo from the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) released on April 12, 2016, stacks of new style five Australian dollar note are seen, which will replace its more bland pink, purple and orange predecessor from Sept. 1, 2016.Photograph by STR—AFP/Getty Images

The Reserve Bank of Australia has just released its updated design of the country’s five dollar note—and Australians are not feeling it.

The note, which will be issued publicly on Sept. 1, features native animals such as the Prickly Moses wattle and a bird called the Eastern Spinebill alongside an image of the Queen, the government announced on Tuesday. The bill also includes a “tactile feature” to help the vision-impaired, and added security features.

Not that anyone in Australia seems to care—because all everyone seems to be commenting on is that the new note could be the ugliest thing man has ever laid eyes on.

But, there is hope—some enterprising folks have taken to redesigning the redesigned Australian five dollar note:

If this Australian note goes into circulation, it could join an illustrious list of strange currency notes that have passed through our hands, including the 500,000,000,000 Yugoslavian dinara, the quite inconvenient legal paper-sized 100,000-Filipino peso note, and the hole-in-a-note currency from Zaire.