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Why Americans Are Eating a Lot More Beef for Dinner

U.S. Embassy Promotes U.S. Beef As TIPP Negotiations ContinueU.S. Embassy Promotes U.S. Beef As TIPP Negotiations Continue
Atkins approved.Photograph by Carsten Koall — Getty Images

For all the carnivores out there, here’s some encouraging news: Beef and other red meat products are more popular again.

After years of turning to healthier options such as chicken and turkey, Americans have been returning to red meat due to cheaper prices, according to Bloomberg.

In fact, Americans are expected to eat an average of 54.3 pounds of red meat this year, the first increase in beef consumption since 2006. That’s half a pound more consumed on average than in 2015, according to data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

“Certainly there’s been a big push towards eating more meat and more meat proteins,” Altin Kalo, an analyst at Steiner Consulting Group, said in an interview with Bloomberg.


“Suddenly there is this extra supply of meat,” Kalo added. “You’re going to have to somehow consume all of it.”

The Bureau of Labor Statistics found that a pound of ground beef is selling for $4.38, which is 7% less than in February 2015.

With beef prices down, restaurants are offering more promotions and exotic items as well, Bloomberg added.