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Vote: Who Would Win This Arm Wrestling Match—Paul Ryan or Justin Trudeau?

When asked to name the world’s strongest leaders, heads of state usually come to mind. But great leadership isn’t about having the most power. To evaluate a leader’s impact, we must look at their achievements, their ability to bring about change and improve the lives of others, and how they’re able to inspire people to follow them.

Take the poll below and weigh in on 10 mental match-ups among individuals on Fortune‘s list of the World’s 50 Greatest Leaders. We want to know: who do you think is a stronger leader? Ruth Bader Ginsburg or Jeff Bezos? Aung San Suu Kyi or Pope Francis? Tim Cook or Marc Benioff? Nick Saban or Steve Kerr? You decide.

Fortune‘s annual leaders list considers the best from all parts of society, not just celebrity CEOs and politicians. As my colleague Geoff Colvin points out, “it isn’t enough to be accomplished, brilliant, or admirable. We recognize those who inspire others to act, to follow them on a worthy quest, and who have demonstrated staying power.”

Whether someone leads a company or a country, the greatest test of leadership is how they inspire others to work together to achieve a goal. Your goal today? Pick a winner.

And to answer the arm-wrestling question, my money is on Trudeau.

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