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Binge Watching Is The New Normal

A Photograph by Stephane de Sakutin—AFP/Getty Images

Binge watching might be a lonely hobby, but those who do it certainly aren’t alone.

A recently released Deloitte study has found that 70% of Americans binge watch television an average of five shows at a time—and nearly one-third binge watch on a weekly basis.

The affinity for binge watching tracks age demographics closely: while barely more than one-third of adults older than 67 have ever binge watched TV shows, more than 80% of those between 14 and 31 have done so.

Nearly half of Americans subscribe to some sort of streaming media service like Netflix (NFLX)—the highest level ever recorded by the 10-year-old annual report. More than half of all consumers stream movies at least monthly, beating out other consumption methods like renting DVD/Blu-Ray or renting through On-Demand or Pay-Per-View.


“The proliferation of online content shows no signs of slowing down and the consumer appetite to consume content is equally voracious,” Gerald Belson, Deloitte’s vice chairman and US Media and Entertainment Sector leader, said in a press release. “The survey data indicates that consumers are more willing than ever to invest in services to watch whenever, wherever, and on whatever device they choose.”