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Monday’s Republican Debate Has Been Canceled

Republican Presidential Candidates Debate In Greenville, South CarolinaRepublican Presidential Candidates Debate In Greenville, South Carolina
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump participates in a CBS News GOP Debate.Photograph by Spencer Platt—Getty Images

Sorry, political junkies; you won’t be getting your weekly bloodbath next week, as the Republican National Committee has canceled the debate scheduled for Monday, March 21.

Frontrunner Donald Trump said he wouldn’t be attending, so challenger Ted Cruz and hanger-on John Kasich also said they wouldn’t attend, leading the RNC to cancel, reports USA Today. Marco Rubio, whose vicious attacks on Trump made some of the more recent debates very interesting, dropped out after losing his home state of Florida Tuesday night.


Kasich and Cruz both attacked Trump for skipping the debate, with Cruz calling him “Ducking Donald.” You may remember that throughout the campaign Trump has called Cruz “Lying Ted,” so a bit of nickname retribution was perhaps in order.

Trump claims that he only recently learned about the debate, which was to be held in Salt Lake City and Air on Fox News. He will be addressing the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee earlier that day.