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Donald Trump Just Delivered a Knockout Punch to Marco Rubio in Florida

Florida News - November 18, 2015Florida News - November 18, 2015
Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields, left, questions Donald J. Trump Photograph by Richard Graulich—The Palm Beach Post/

Donald Trump won the Florida Republican Primary Tuesday evening, taking home all 99 delegates from the Sunshine State according to AP projections and humiliating sitting Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

Trump had campaigned hard for weeks in Florida, hoping to beat Rubio on his home turf. Rubio, who has faltered across the board in recent weeks, essentially put his entire campaign at stake. It was a gamble that didn’t work out.

For Trump, this win goes a long way towards sewing up the Republican presidential nomination. He’s also in tight races in Ohio, Illinois, and Missouri. But Florida was the big prize on Tuesday evening, and it went to Trump.