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Taylor Swift Could Cause This Sports Event to Sell Out

Taylor Swift '1989' World Tour - SydneyTaylor Swift '1989' World Tour - Sydney
Taylor Swift performs during her '1989' World Tour in Sydney, Australia. Photograph by Mark Metcalfe—Getty Images

Taylor Swift is bringing her pop supernova appeal to a U.S. racing event.

Swift is slated to headline the Formula One U.S. Grand Prix taking place in Austin, Texas on Saturday, Oct. 22, according to the BBC.

Landing the 10-time Grammy winner is expected to be a huge boon to the racing event, which was reportedly in danger of being cancelled after Texas announced funding cuts of 20%, the publication noted.

“How do we expand our audience? That’s what this headliner does,” Circuit of the Americas chairman Bobby Epstein told the BBC.

“In the past we have chosen headliners that are a great match with our existing demographic,” added Epstein. “But I don’t need our existing demographic alone. We need the future.”

“We think we will sell every ticket that we have got and it is because of the combination of both Formula 1 and Taylor Swift,” he said.

In 2015, Swift, who has transcended the typical pop star role, was dubbed one of Fortune’s World’s Greatest Leaders and named to Fortune’s Most Powerful Women list.