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Watch What Happened When Google’s Self-Driving Car Hit a Bus

Remember that time Google’s (GOOG) self-driving car smacked into the side of a bus on Valentine’s Day? Let us jog your memory.

On Feb. 14, Google was testing its much-talked-about self-driving car in Mountain View, Ca, when the Lexus SUV, equipped with Google sensors, hit the side of the bus. The car was driving at 2 miles per hour, while the bus was moving at 15 miles per hour.

Well, now the Associated Press has picked up footage of the crash, and posted it on YouTube Wednesday.

It’s surprisingly underwhelming.


Police reports did not assign blame to either party at the time, though Google maintained that the car was attempted to move around sandbags in the street. A test driver was also in the car, though he thought the bus driver would yield.

When the Google car smacks into the bus there’s a jolt (The actual collision takes place at 0:17).


Google’s car appears to have taken the brunt of the damage, with part of the cars head heading been ripped off. The bus got scratch marks along the side and a cracked window on the door.

This is the second time this year that a Google self-driving car has been in an accident.