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Ted Cruz Wins Maine, Breaking Trump’s Dominance in New England

ted cruzted cruz
Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz speaks during the CBS News Republican Presidential Debate in Greenville, South Carolina, February 13, 2016Jim Watson—AFP/Getty Images

Ted Cruz won the Maine Republican caucuses on Saturday, according to the state’s party, notching his first victory in the Northeastern portion of the country and ending Donald Trump’s domination of the New England region during the primary season.

Cruz took more than 46% of the vote in the state. Trump took 33%, leaving John Kasich and Marco Rubio far behind. Cruz also won Kansas on Saturday.

Though Maine does not have many Republican delegates, Cruz’s win is still meaningful. Thus far, Cruz has mostly won states with large populations of Evangelical Christians. Maine is not that kind of state. The state’s voters tend to be more moderate, and it’s generally a blue state during general elections. Trump won the endorsement of Maine’s sitting Republican governor, Paul LePage.

Meanwhile, in other parts of New England, Donald Trump had previously won contests in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts.

Earlier on Saturday evening, Ted Cruz won the Republican caucuses in Kansas, according to CNN projections.