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Bernie Sanders Wins Nebraska, Solidifying His Strength in the Flyover States

Bernie Sanders Holds Super Tuesday Campaign Rally In VermontBernie Sanders Holds Super Tuesday Campaign Rally In Vermont
Vermont Senator Bernie SandersPhotograph by Spencer Platt via Getty Images

Bernie Sanders has won the Democratic caucuses in Nebraska, according to AP projections, marking his second victory on Saturday.

Sanders also won the Kansas caucuses on Saturday. If you add that to his success in Oklahoma on Super Tuesday, it’s clear that the Vermont senator has captured the attention of Democratic voters in the middle of the country.

It is worth noting that these states don’t generally vote for Democrats in the general election.

The biggest upcoming contest in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination will take place on Tuesday in Michigan. Ahead of that, Bernie Sanders and rival Hillary Clinton will debate in Flint, Mich. on Sunday night. They will also appear in a Town Hall on Fox News on Monday night.