On Wednesday, Emily’s List’s Super PAC Women Vote! started airing an ad aimed at Millennials. In it, a young woman spots a news story on her smart phone about Texas Sen. Ted Cruz filibustering over Planned Parenthood. She scoffs and texts a friend, “Aww, Hill no!” Voiced over the images, an announcer says: “When politicians tell you what to do with your body, you give ‘em Hill,” referring to Hillary.

A defining trait of Millennials is that they are the first generation born assuming equality of the sexes. Most millennial women believe there will be a female president in their lifetime, and many aren’t convinced it has to be Clinton. In these testimonials, Emily’s List is hoping that a message from fellow young women might win over Millennials to Hillary’s side.

But another Emily’s List sponsored poll might provide more a compelling reason why Millennial women could end up supporting Clinton: a recent survey the organization did with ELLE Magazine found that 86 percent of single women voters said they wouldn’t vote for someone who called women “bimbos” or “dogs,” even if they agreed with his/her policies. That could bode well for the former Secretary of State if Donald Trump is the nominee.