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No, Elizabeth Warren Did Not Just Endorse Bernie Sanders

US Senator Elizabeth Warren, Democrat of Massachussetts, attends a US Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, February 24, 2015. Photograph by Saul Loeb—AFP/Getty Images

Sorry, Bernie Sanders fans. Sen. Elizabeth Warren has not endorsed the self-declared democratic socialist.

A fake New York Times story posted Monday afternoon, which the Times says garnered thousands of shares on social media, claimed that the progressive standard-bearer had thrown her support behind Sanders.

The Times has asked the website that made the phony link, Clone Zone, to take the post down.

Warren is the only congressional delegate from Massachusetts who has not thrown her support behind Hillary Clinton so far. And with Massachusetts voters turning out to the polls on Super Tuesday to choose between the two Democratic candidates, the spoof was well-timed to be believable.

Massachusetts has evolved into a major battleground state for Super Tuesday. With a border shared by Vermont and a predominantly white, progressive voter base, the state should be well within reach for Sanders. But Clinton has invested significant resources in winning the state, logging two campaign stops there on Monday even though 10 other states (and American Samoa) will also flock to the polls on Tuesday.

Warren has long represented the progressive wing of the Democratic party, crusading for deeper regulation of big banks and legislation to combat income inequality. Though the senator’s supporters rallied for her to run for president this year in a campaign called Ready for Warren, top officials in the organization later endorsed Sanders instead, according to The Hill. Through the back-and-forth, Warren remained largely silent, though she did appear in Fortune to definitively say that she would not be running for president.

Warren’s endorsement, if granted to Clinton, would be a decisive blow against the Sanders campaign.