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Google’s Ultra-Fast Fiber Internet Is Coming To San Francisco

Google Begins Installing Ultrafast Broadband NetworkGoogle Begins Installing Ultrafast Broadband Network
Boxes of equipment needed to install Google Fiber broadband network.Photograph by Bloomberg via Getty Images

Google Fiber’s next location is no stranger to cutting edge technology.

On Wednesday, Google (GOOGL) announced that it plans to bring its ultra-fast Internet service to “some of San Francisco’s apartments and condos.” It will also extend the service to some public and affordable housing properties, the company says on its website.

There aren’t too many details, but Google says it’s already working with property owners and managers with existing fiber infrastructure to provide its Internet service to their residents. Google has taking this sort of approach in other cities before, including Atlanta and the upcoming service in Huntsville, Ala.

“This approach will allow us to serve a portion of San Francisco, complementing the City’s ongoing efforts to bring abundant, high-speed Internet to the City by the Bay,” Michael Slinger, Google Fiber’s director of business operations, wrote in a blog post.


Google also says it will partner with a local non-profit to help people who haven’t had Internet access in the past learn basic digital skills like using email, searching the Web, and using it to find jobs and other necessities.

There’s no available timeline, but it appears the process will take some time. Google will also face some competition from AT&T (T) and Comcast (CMCSA), which have also announced plans to provide gigabit Internet service in San Francisco.