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Samsung Just Released a Really Weird Ad Featuring a Llama

Samsung is trying to hype its upcoming Galaxy S7 phone with the help of a furry friend.

In a new ad spot, “Seven Days of Unboxing,” the tech giant has a llama helping unveil a Galaxy S7 Samsung smartphone and then paint a picture inspired by its experience, as reported by The Verge. The phone is slated to be unveiled on Feb. 21 and the phone could feature being water resistant and have wireless charging, as CNBC reported.

In the near 60-second spot, the llama, named Kuczo, is led toward a room by a trainer at what appears to be a highly secret location. Using its mouth to hold a paintbrush, the llama then proceeds to paint on an empty canvas. It’s unclear what exactly it thinks of the phone, however.


According to the publication:

It gets even more bizarre. For one, Kuzco is the name of the David Spade-voiced main character in the Disney animated comedy The Emperor’s New Groove. The Peruvian royal rules a fictitious Incan empire before getting turned into a llama, whereupon he must reclaim his human form with help from John Goodman and the actor who voiced Porky Pig in Space Jam.

Check out the video here:

The ad spot for the new phone comes as the phone maker said at the end of January that it could be in for a tough 2016.