OK Go Went Facebook Only With Its Latest Video and Here’s Why

February 11, 2016, 10:07 PM UTC

Indie-pop band OK Go has released its latest music video “Upside Down & Inside Out,” a zero-gravity, single-shot spectacle of color, fun, and synchronized dancing. Think flight attendants in bright blue little caps, disco balls, broken pinatas, and a hot pink windbreaker.

OK Go is known for its viral video sensations, starting with the coordinated treadmill dance to its song “Here It Goes Again” back in 2009. Since then, the band has released at least 11 other videos, primarily to YouTube, where those videos have garnered more than 212 million views.

Now, with its latest release Thursday, OK Go has gone Facebook only. Fans checking out their YouTube page will instead find a 30 second video introducing them to the video and pointing them to a Facebook link. Singer Damin Kulash explained to Ad Week why the band went that route:

“With each video, we’re trying to find a new creative challenge for ourselves, and the launches feel the same way. The stars aligned with Facebook this time, and we were excited to try something new. A decade ago, we fell into a great thing, making our own videos—we found both a new creative outlet and new connection direct to our fans, but it was only possible because we were willing to experiment with new ways of reaching people.”

Facebook (FB) has been making a big push to increase advertising revenue for its video creators, which may have also been part of the draw for the band. In the past, OK Go has taken issue with how little YouTube pays artists via their videos on the site, saying ad revenue from their viral videos–given their reach–is akin to “finding change on the street.”