Snoop Dogg Complains to Bill Gates After Xbox Live Outage

January 14, 2016, 6:08 PM UTC

Snoop Dogg has a message for Bill Gates: Fix Xbox Live’s online gaming or face the possibility of the rap legend moving to the PlayStation.

In a profanity-laden video posted to his Instagram account on Wednesday, the artist lambasted Microsoft (MSFT) for an Xbox Live outage that prevented him from playing football online.

“A message to Xbox One, Microsoft, or whoever the f—,” he said in the video. “Ya’ll f—in’ server is f—in’ whack.”

Snoop was apparently responding to a brief outage on Microsoft’s Xbox Live gaming platform yesterday. He claims that he had an issue playing games online with others and called on everyone at Microsoft to fix the problem.

“Is it that difficult to play somebody online?” Snoop asked.

But he wasn’t done. Snoop, who obviously hasn’t kept up with much of what is happening at Microsoft lately, didn’t direct his diatribe to the Xbox team or even Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. Instead, he called on the company’s co-founder to get him back on the digital gridiron.

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“What the f— is you doin’ Bill Gates?” Snoop asked. “Fix your s—, man.”

So far, Gates hasn’t responded to Snoop, but that hasn’t stopped the video from going viral. It’s not every day that a world-renowned artist calls out the co-founder of a big company to tell him to fix a video game.

After calling out Gates, Snoop fired a salvo that may still be ringing in the ears of the Xbox team and maybe even Gates himself: The rapper may go elsewhere for his gaming needs.

“Ya’ll gonna make me switch to PlayStation if ya’ll don’t ever get this s— fixed.”

For more on Xbox One, watch:

The tagline for the video was similarly ominous, with Snoop saying that if it’s not made easier to play a game online, “PlayStation here we come.”

If that happens, Sony (SNE) may want to get ready. Snoop (obviously) isn’t afraid to speak his mind. If Sony’s servers ever go haywire, Snoop could call out Sony co-founders Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita and threaten them with moving to another console. Except Sony’s co-founders passed in the late 1990s and Snoop’s next option is Nintendo’s Wii U. The grass may not be greener on the other side.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. There’s a simple way for Gates to fix this problem.

Just say you’re sorry, Bill. There’s no reason to let Snoop slip into Sony’s welcoming arms.

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