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Prediction: These Popular Foods Will Get More Expensive in 2016

AlmondsPhotograph by David Paul Morris — Bloomberg via Getty Images

The staff of Fortune recently assembled its predictions for 2016. Here’s one of our forecasts.

Climate extremes mean tough times for food crops, and the next year could hit several pretty harshly. Severe drought in California has already taken its toll on some high-demand products, causing price increases, and agriculture experts expect more of the same in the next twelve months. The price of almonds, already climbing, is expected to rise even faster; the next troubled Callifornia crop could be avocados (get ready to pay even more for the trendy delicacy avocado toast). Other problems loom globally: The Ivory Coast, center of world cocoa production, is under strain from drought—putting the world’s chocolate industry at risk.

This article is part of the 2016 Fortune Crystal Ball, a package of 33 predictions about business, politics and the economy by the writers and editors of Fortune. To see the entire package, click here.