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Uber Could Soon Offer Its Drivers An Enticing Reason to Stay

App Car Service Startups Continue To Irk Traditional Cab Companies And RegulatorsApp Car Service Startups Continue To Irk Traditional Cab Companies And Regulators
An Uber car.Photograph by Justin Sullivan — Getty Images

Uber may soon be lavishing its drivers with new incentives to keep them on the road, including bank accounts and access to same-day payment, Quartz reported Wednesday.

The publication cited people closely involved with the matter as well as internal documents.

Although still in early stages, the incentives, if unveiled, would allow drivers to open up a bank account upon signing with Uber as a driver. They could also receive a pre-paid card so the drivers could receive same-day payments, according to Quartz.

The publication continued:

According to the documents, Uber is exploring a few “value-added” services in addition to same-day payments: cash-back discounts, merchant offers, and the ability to send money internationally are all possibilities. The latter offering would clearly appeal to Uber’s many immigrant drivers.

Quartz spoke with an Uber driver who said that receiving same-day payments would make driving for Uber “feel less like an actual job and more like a hobby.” He added, “I’d probably drive more, especially if I really needed cash that day.”
Fortune has reached out to Uber for comment.