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Here’s where you can get discount chocolate for National Chocolate Day

Chocoholic? Well, you’re in luck with National Chocolate Day being celebrated across the U.S. on Oct. 28.

There are a few places giving out deeply discounted chocolate for those who simply can’t do without the stuff, which is known as being the food of the Gods.

Interestingly, last year, reported that the world could one day be heading toward a global chocolate shortage due to demand.

On the brighter side, here are just a few places offering big savings for those craving chocolate:

New York City:

Pastry Chef Pierre Poulin from Aureole who is offering a free cooking demonstration and handing out free desserts (chocolate, of course). That event takes place in New York City at Bryant Park at 6 p.m., IBTimes noted. For more details, check out the website for the event.

Ethel M. Chocolates:

The company is doling out free chocolate for those who order over $50 of the stuff online.


The renowned chocolatier wants you to join its Chocolate Rewards Club. In honor of National Chocolate Day, the chocolate maker’s site is offering 15% off dark chocolate purchases of over $65.


Today and tomorrow, head to Lindt’s website to cash out on 25% off the entire website.

Russell Stover:

If you’re looking for sugar-free chocolate, Russell Stover’s got you covered. The site is offering 25% off the confections until 11 p.m. on Wednesday.

And, of course, brands are taking the opportunity to celebrate the day, too:

In other chocolate news, a fast food joint in Canada covers a burger in Reese’s Cups, which you can check out here.