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Jeb Bush is taking drastic measures to reboot his presidential campaign

NRA Holds Its Annual Meeting In NashvilleNRA Holds Its Annual Meeting In Nashville
Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.Justin Sullivan Getty Images

Jeb Bush, once the assumed front-runner in the Republican nomination contest, has seen his support plummet in recent months as other, less established candidates have captured the attention of voters. In the latest ABC/Washington Post poll, only 7% of registered Republicans said they preferred Bush for the party nomination, compared with 32% and 22% for Donald Trump and Ben Carson, respectively.

Now Bush is instituting across-the-board pay cuts for campaign staff, removing some senior staff and consultants, and downsizing the Miami headquarters, according to a Bloomberg report. In all, Bush plans to cut payroll by 40% and reduce expenses by $1 million per month. Meanwhile, the budget will be scaled back by 45% in a wholesale restructuring intended to revitalize the flagging Bush campaign.

Bush plans to refocus his efforts on New Hampshire, Iowa, and other early voting states: “We are moving our resources into the states to ensure that voters in primary and caucus states are introduced to his record and vision for the future,” the campaign said in a statement. He’ll also spend less time at fundraisers and more time interacting with voters in forums such as town halls and meet-and-greets, according to Bloomberg.

By many measures, Bush’s campaign has been the most expensive of the Republican candidates, spending $9.8 million on early state ads and almost $1 million on chartered flights alone, Politico reported. Bush’s third-quarter fund raising amounted to $13.4 million.