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Fiat Chrysler is in trouble again with the NHTSA

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The NHTSA's clampdown on automakers' safety records goes on.Photograph by Bill Pugliano — Getty Images

Fiat Chrysler Inc. (FCAU) is in hot water again with regulators after under-reporting a “significant” amount of deaths, injuries and legal claims, according to The Financial Times.

The FT cited the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration as saying Fiat Chrysler had discovered “deficiencies” in the way it reports faults.

“This represents a significant failure to meet a manufacturer’s safety responsibilities,” the FT quoted NHTSA administrator Mark Rosekind as saying.

Under the Tread Act, car manufacturers have to report to regulators within five days of the end of each month any claims that their vehicles have been responsible for causing death or serious injury.

The new revelation comes after the NHTSA ordered Fiat Chrysler to monitor its safety issues more closely after a special hearing in July. That had raised concerns about issues with transmission systems and tire performance at high speed.

“FCA US promptly notified NHTSA of these issues, and committed to a thorough investigation, to be followed by complete remediation,” the FT quoted FCA as saying.