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Google launches standalone Street View app

A Google Street View vehicle collects imagery for Google Maps while driving down a street in Calais, northern France.Photograph by Philippe Huguen — AFP/Getty Images

Google has announced a new Street View app that’s separate from Google Maps that allows users to share with others their own photos for use by the application.

In a blog post trumpeting the new app, Google (GOOG) said that users can tap into the company’s own content while also being able to separately view that uploaded by others. Per the company:

In one gallery, you can explore Street View collections and content from Google Maps alongside photo spheres contributed from people around the globe. So whether you want to track the Loch Ness monster in Scotland, scale the famed rock wall El Capitan in Yosemite, or hike Mt. Fuji, the Street View app has you covered.

Called “photo spheres,” users can take 360-degree panoramas of their “favorite places from around the world (or around the block!) to Google Maps instantly.”

Notably, the new Street View app will replace the Photo Sphere Camera app for iPhones, according to the company.