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Tesla’s first Model X customers just started to pick paint colors, car details

Tesla' Model X.Tesla' Model X.
Tesla' Model X.Tesla

The first customers that have reservations for Tesla’s long-delayed electric SUV, the Model X, are beginning to pick the color of the paint job, and other aesthetic details like interior choices and wheel size.

On the Tesla fan site Tesla Motors Club, a handful of customers shared screenshots of configured Model X cars. Tesla (TSLA) confirmed with Fortune that customers that have Signature reservations—the very first ones to make reservations for the Model X—are the only ones able to “configure” the cars, as Tesla has called the process of picking the details.

The news indicates that Tesla is moving along in its process to get the Model X to its first customers by the end of the third quarter of this year. That’s been the company’s big goal this year and Tesla only needs to hit the timeline with a handful of cars. Tesla has said in the past that the configuration process for the Model X would start in July, as well as more recently “before the end of August.”

After Tesla ships its first Model X cars, it plans to ramp up production dramatically in the fourth quarter of this year. But boosting production so quickly later this year could be tough.

Tesla recently reduced its annual shipment guidance for its combined cars, both the Model X and the Model S, from 55,000 to between 50,000 and 55,000. The reduction in predicted shipments was due to added risk from Tesla making both cars at the same time, for the first time.

In the screenshots shared on the Tesla’s Motor Club, the new Model X Signature cars have the option to include the high performance acceleration “ludicrous mode.” The Model X also appears to have a hitch for bikes and skies that comes standard, while an option for towing a small vehicle behind the car has an additional fee.

To learn more about Tesla’s business beyond electric cars watch this Fortune video:

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