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Pen company apologizes for this offensive message to women

100 Years Anniversary Of The Invention of Bakelite100 Years Anniversary Of The Invention of Bakelite

Pen company Bic’s South African branch posted — and quickly deleted — a social media fail from its Facebook (FB) page. On the country’s National Women’s Day, the account posted an ad to celebrate the occasion which totally backfired.

“Look like a girl. Act like a lady. Think like a man. Work like a boss,” the post proclaimed alongside the image of a woman in a business suit. People responded that the post was sexist, and not at all empowering to women as intended.

Although the post has since been taken down, one Twitter user re-posted it:

Bic apologized for the ad’s language: “Let’s start out by saying we’re incredibly sorry for offending everybody – that was never our intention, but we completely understand where we’ve gone wrong,” read a post on Facebook. “This post should never have gone out.”