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NASA wants you to make a smartwatch app for astronauts

International Space StationInternational Space Station

Smartwatch app developers could soon see their ideas taken literally out of this world, as NASA is looking for someone to design an app for astronauts to use then they are in space.

The space agency is partnering with to encourage freelance developers to submit their design for an app that would help astronauts perform their duties while in orbit. Here are some of the things the app needs to be able to due, according to a press release from NASA:

  1. Crew Timeline application: Will display an agenda view of the timeline as well as a way to easily navigate to another day in the past or future.
  2. Caution & Warnings application: Will display color coded cautions and warnings.
  3. Communication Status application: Will display whether or not the vehicle is currently able to communicate with the ground through either voice or video.
  4. Timers application: Will be able to set timers for procedures or until the next activity. This general design should direct attention to the appropriate information for a task and increase efficiency.
  5. Provide appropriate feedback to actions: Be legible on the smaller Samsung Gear screen – innovative representations of data displayed on a smartwatch are highly encouraged.

Developers are supposed to use the Samsung Gear 2 as a hardware reference.