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This is how much Apple spends to keep Tim Cook safe

Cook in an Apple Store in Palo Alto.Cook in an Apple Store in Palo Alto.
Cook in an Apple Store in Palo Alto.Photograph by Joe Pugliese

The life of a one of the world’s best-paid and most powerful CEOs sounds pretty sweet, except for one thing: lot’s of people are out to get you.

That’s the conclusion one must draw from taking a look at some of the security budgets of Fortune 100 CEOs. Apple (AAPL), for instance, spent $699,133 keeping CEO Tim Cook safe in 2014, according to a security filing unearthed by Patently Apple.

And while that might seem like a lot of money, it actually pales in comparison to the security budgets of Oracle (ORCL) CEO Larry Ellison and Amazon (AMZN) CEO Jeff Bezos —their companies each spend more than $1.5 million on CEO-security, according to a report by Equilar.