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Groupon takes on Seamless with food delivery

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Watch out, Seamless, Groupon is trying to tread on your turf.

That’s because Groupon announced Thursday that it’s kicked off the ability for consumers to order food directly from the service’s app and website, which makes it a direct competitor to food delivery sites, according to Consumerist.

The site, which is known for helping consumers save on deals to restaurants and events, touts helping users save 10% on orders through the new service.

But not so fast: The area of service is limited so far. Groupon To Go, as it’s being dubbed, launched in Chicago Thursday, with about 500 restaurants.


Groupon has plans to expand the service’s areas, including Austin and Boston in the fall. There are, of course, plans to go national down the road, too.

Restaurants that are available through Groupon to Go at launch include Quiznos, Popeyes, Subway, and Papa Johns.

Groupon acquired food delivery service OrderUp earlier in July to help launch the new feature, according to TechCrunch.