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HBO Now drops Apple exclusivity and is Android ready

HBO Now, the TV-service free way to catch your favorite HBO shows and movies, expands its platform hosts from its Apple exclusivity to Android devices.

Following an announcement from the company on Thursday, the 14.99 monthly subscription service granting access to hit new shows like “Game of Thrones” and “True Detective,” as well as new movies, and older HBO series, is available on Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, Android Phones, Android Tablets, and Fire Tablets.

Plans to release on Amazon Fire TV and Google Chromecast are next.

HBO’s move to Android expands their potential audience to an estimated 75 million U.S. Android users. Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV also have userbases in the millions.

HBO’s expansion to these streaming services means increased competition in the media-streaming player market, and takes away one exclusive Apple was able to boast over others like Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV.