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Comcast’s Google Fiber killer will be very expensive

Comcast wants to take on Google’s ultra-fast Fiber Internet service with its own high-speed service, but it will be pricey.

Comcast’s Gigabit Pro offering will cost a whopping $300 per month for those lucky enough to live in the select cites where it will be available, including Chicago, Detroit, Miami and more. Comcast can also charge installation fees of up to $500 and activation fees of up to $500 for the service, and a two-year contract will be required.

Some Comcast customers will get a slightly better deal. According to DSL Reports, Comcast is offering the Gigabit Pro service for $159 per month for users in “one small area,” and those subscribers must sign a three-year contract.

Google Fiber, on the other hand, offers speeds of up 1 Gbps for $70 a month with a $300 construction fee waived, with other pricing for different plans and areas.

Comcast also recently unveiled a new service called “Stream,” which will let its broadband Internet customers get live access to about a dozen television channels online for only $15 per month. Still, whether or not Stream is a good deal is also being called into question.