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The secret to ageless skin could only cost you $1,200


When it comes to buying high-end products for the face, women may always outmuscle men, but male consumers splurging on luxury skincare products in the U.S. is a growing trend: according to the Chicago-based market research company Euromonitor International, they shelled out $89 million on premium skincare in 2014, nearly doubling the $47 million they spent a decade ago. That number is expected to grow even more, to $129 million in 2020.

Euromonitor analyst Tim Barrett says there is less of a social stigma today for men to take care of their appearance and those who have the money are willing to spend it on expensive beauty lines. “Shaving has always been the cornerstone of men’s grooming, but that’s changing now that there isn’t a perception anymore that skincare is strictly feminine,” he said.

Only a few of the pricey creams, balms and serums on shelves are created exclusively for guys; they’re by brands that market to both sexes and are being scooped up mostly by millennial men who have no shame in forking over triple digits to look younger, more buffed, or achieve whatever else magic result these potions promise.

Totaling in price at nearly $1,200, here are five of the latest ones to hit the marketplace.

Anti-Aging Rapid Response Booster by La Prairie

Women endlessly tout the benefits of using the luxury Swiss line, but many of the products are unisex and also favored by men including this serum which comes in a sleek silver bottle with a piston pump. A few drops once or twice a day all over the face is supposed to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. It also works as an exfoliator and makes large pores look far less glaring. $290,

Revitalizing Eye Concentrate by Retrouvé

From a line of unisex skincare started by former Kiehl’s president and CEO Jami Morse Heidgger, this rich cream hydrates the delicate skin around the eyes which starts to thin with age and also minimizes pesky crow’s feet. The water-free formula has Vitamins E and C, amino acid,s and Morinda Citrofolia Extract, which claims to ward-off UV rays. And, it won’t aggravate sensitive skin. $485,

Advanced 10% Exfoliating Pads by BeautyRx

New York City dermatologist Neal Schultz counts some of the most illustrious men on Wall Street as part of his high-profile clientele, and these pads are a key product he recommends for that picky set. They’re made with 10% glycolic acid, and using one every other night across your face removes dead cells and brightens and smooths rough, patchy skin. The formula is ideal for oily and acne-prone complexions and also helps diminish dark spots from sun damage. $70,

Sisleÿum for Men by Sisley

A rare find just for the guys, this hydrating but non-greasy cream from the Paris-based family-run brand does double duty as an after-shave and is designed to be firming and wrinkle correcting. It also helps soothe razor burn and minimize the effects of cold weather, stress and pollution. Shea butter is a key ingredient, and it come a gel texture for normal skin and in a cream one for dry complexions. $275,

Vivifying Cleansing Care by Orlane

This French cult brand preaches that just any cleanser isn’t good enough to wash away dirt and other impurities from your face- even if you’re a non-discriminating male. Their super gentle version has a cream like feel and leaves the skin soft and smooth. In fact, it’s so hydrating that you may be able to skip putting on a moisturizer after. $60,