The Broadsheet: May 7

May 7, 2015, 11:54 AM UTC

Good morning, Broadsheet readers! Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake calls for a federal investigation of the Baltimore PD, Janet Yellen frets about stocks, and Gwyneth talks to Fortune about her latest business moves. Have a great Thursday!


Gabbing with Gwyneth. Actor Gwyneth Paltrow sat down with Fortune to talk about her new role as creative director of Juice Beauty, her plans to expand her Goop lifestyle empire, and the fuss over her failure to make it through the $29-a-week food stamp challenge.   Fortune


And GP has competition. And speaking of actor/style gurus, Reese Witherspoon has launched her own lifestyle brand, the southern-flavored Draper James. Time

 Something in my eye. With Mother's Day around the corner, TIME asked famous moms, including Victoria Beckham, Melissa Etheridge and Ivana Trump, to write open letters to their children. Grab a tissue for this one. Time

 Buttressing against bailouts. Fed chair Janet Yellen yesterday reiterated her commitment to shrinking the influence of Wall Street. She also argued that current stock prices are high enough to threaten financial stability.   Fortune

 Time for an investigation. In the wake of Freddie Gray's death, Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake has asked the U.S. Justice Department for a federal investigation into the Baltimore Police Department’s patterns and practices.  WSJ

 A true partnership. Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg has told women, "Who you marry is the single most important career decision you make." And Sandberg clearly made the right choice. This Glamour story looks at the lessons we can learn from her marriage to SurveyMonkey CEO Dave Goldberg.  Glamour

Collins on Fiorina. New York Times columnist Gail Collins weighs in on Carly Fiorina's presidential candidacy. Collins notes that Fiorina touts her lack of political experience, adding "people who run for president boasting that they aren’t politicians are frequently just trying to compensate for a lack of political skill." Ouch. New York Times


 J.Lo looks to partner up. Jennifer Lopez wants to get into the tech game, yesterday appearing at a venture capital conference to solicit business ideas. Fortune

 Finding focus. Lifetime has launched Broad Focus, a new initiative designed to support female writers, directors and producers and provide them with opportunities to show off their work. EW

A model Musk. Maye Musk, the mother of Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk, is a long-time model who recently appeared in a Virgin America ad campaign. Good genes in that family! Fortune

Tell us what you really think. In this candid interview with The Hollywood Reporter, actor Natalie Portman talks about her disappointment with the Israeli elections, French anti-semitism, Hollywood's Oscar obsession, and more.  Hollywood Reporter

Auto address. GM CEO Mary Barra shares some career advice with the class of 2015. One tip: Don't shy away from opportunities that make you think, "You want me to do what?" LinkedIn

YouTube talent. How does a 123-year-old company like General Electric reach millennials? YouTube, of course. GE has tapped 22-year-old British biologist and Oxford PhD candidate Sally LePage to star in videos that make science--and GE innovations--accessible to a younger crowd.  Fortune

 Moms in the corner office. What do CEOs want for Mother's Day? Five execs reveal their favorite gifts--given and received--with Fortune.  Fortune

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Actor and author Mindy Kaling, whose TV show, <em>The Mindy Project,</em> has been cancelled