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Introducing Power Sheet, Fortune’s daily guide on leaders and leadership

I’d like to invite you to be among the first to receive a new Fortune newsletter: Power Sheet, our daily take on leaders and leadership.

Why are we launching this newsletter now?

No one else is telling you how individual leaders are shaping today’s tumultuous business world. Most media simply report that Company XYZ did something or other. But that’s not right – leaders did it, and we want you to know who they are, why they did it, and what it means.

Effective leadership is changing. When customers, competitors, employees, activists, and anyone else can know more and more about you and your business—when everyone can communicate with everyone else instantly—leaders must change the way they lead. Are you fully prepared for this new world?

Good leaders are more valuable than ever. That’s why mediocre leaders are getting fired—fast. The average tenures of business leaders everywhere are falling. You must keep getting better.

Every day, Power Sheet will spot the most fascinating and instructive news on leaders and leadership, bringing it all together in one crisp, efficient read delivered to your inbox. In it you’ll find

Lessons from winners, losers, disrupters, and game-changers;

Insights into making yourself a better leader; and

Examples of how to build more and better leaders in your organization.

One more thing: It’s free.

I hope you’ll be on board for the launch of Power Sheet. If you’ve got any thoughts on making it valuable, I’d love to hear them. Sign up here: