The Broadsheet: April 20

April 20, 2015, 11:47 AM UTC

Good morning, Broadsheet readers! I’m out for a couple of days this week, so the fantastic Anne VanderMey will be filling in tomorrow and Wednesday. You can reach her at @vandermy or On to the news: Elaine Wynn opens up about her board battle, Meryl Streep ponies up to support women writers, and a new ad campaign takes a swing at tired stereotypes of suburban moms. Have a great Monday!


 In it to Wynn it. Fortune's Pattie Sellers talks to Elaine Wynn about her tenacious battle to retain her board seat at Wynn Resorts, the hotel and casino giant she co-founded with her (twice) ex-husband Steve. In a conversation that touches on everything from her astrological sign—Taurus—to her failed bid for the LA Clippers, Wynn opens up about why the director seat is so important to her, what her ex-husband is really like, and how she has created an extraordinary circle of friends, including Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski. Fortune


 No tears. Chef April Bloomfield is one of the few women who's managed to climb to the top of the food world. She sat down at The Breslin, one of her five restaurants, to tell me what she's learned along the way. A taste of Bloomfield's culinary wisdom: don't let email become a substitute for face time, speak up when you have doubts about a project, and never ever cry on the job. Fortune

Meryl rides for writers. Need one more reason to love Meryl Streep? Here you go: The actor has funded the Writers Lab, a screenwriters lab for women over 40. Producer Caroline Kaplan (Boyhood) and writers Kirsten Smith (Legally Blonde) and Jessica Bendinger (Bring It On) are among the big names that have already signed on as mentors for the lab’s inaugural year.  Variety

Merger on the horizon? In what would be the latest in a series of huge pharmaceutical company mergers, Teva is said to be considering making a takeover offer for Mylan. Mylan CEO Heather Bresch appears lukewarm on the deal. The company issued a statement saying a merger would be without “sound industrial logic or cultural fit.” Bloomberg

Moms on fleek. Fortune's Jennifer Reingold weighs in on a hilarious new campaign for Hefty plastic cups. The ads feature typical-looking moms recounting, in deadpan teen lingo, the wild parties they attended last night. Fortune

 Boston Stepping Strong. After 18-year-old Gillian Reny suffered serious injuries to both her legs in the Boston Marathon bombing, the Reny family formed the Gillian Reny Stepping Strong Fund to encourage research and clinical programs in trauma healing. Gillian's mom, Audrey, set an initial goal of raising $3 million over three to five years, but the fund blew past that, raising nearly $4 million in the first year alone. Today, 65 marathoners will run to support Gillian and benefit the fund. ESPN

An $83 million bargain? Apple SVP Angela Ahrendts made $82.6 million last year, making her the highest-paid exec at Apple and the 10th-highest paid in the U.S. But according to Bloomberg's pay-for-performance index, which calculates executives' pay as a percentage of their company’s profit, Ahrendts is a bargain. Bloomberg


Each week, Fortune asks our Insider Network — an online community of prominent people in business and beyond — for career and leadership advice. Here's some of the best of what we heard last week.

A change-up champ. Sarah Kauss, CEO and co-founder of S’well, knows a little something about switching careers. Her professional life has taken her from finance to real estate to reusable bottle entrepreneur. She tells Fortune what she's learned along the way--including the importance of taking the long view.  Fortune

 Celebrate failure. Facing a rejection at work? Staying objective is the key to hearing "no" without losing it, says Donna Wiederkehr, CMO of Dentsu Aegis Network. In fact, Wiederkehr says you should celebrate rejection. Failure proves that "you aren’t accepting the status quo as the best path." Fortune

 Maxing out motivation. Staying inspired at work can be challenging--even when you have your dream job. Kara Goldin, founder and CEO of Hint Water, shares her three secrets for rekindling workplace motivation Fortune


 Moving to Mars? Nathalie Cabrol, senior research scientist at the SETI Institute (SETI stands for the search for extraterrestrial intelligence), thinks that Mars could one day be “terraformed,” or transformed into an environment where humans can live without space suits or protection.   WSJ

 Couric's coups. Katie Couric sits down with AdAge to talk about her role as global anchor of Yahoo News. AdAge

Celeb slip-ups. Fortune takes a look at six celebrity endorsements that backfired. One recent offender: Nicole Kidman, who starred in a campaign for United Arab Emirates’ Etihad Airways. She got called out by the Association of Professional Flight Attendants for supporting an airline that “imposes abusive labor practices on its female employees." Fortune

 An impatient entrepreneur. Alexa von Tobel, CEO of LearnVest, talks about her hiring process. If a candidate tries to spin an admitted weakness into a strength ("I work too hard!"), she tries to push them by revealing one of her own flaws: impatience. New York Times

 Booyah bliss. What kind of woman is The One for Jim Cramer? On Sunday, the hot-headed host of the CNBC's Mad Money wed real estate broker Lisa Cadette Detwiler. When the couple met in a Manhattan bar in 2006, Detwiler told Cramer that her two-year-old daughter, Grace, had passed away two years earlier. “I thought I was tough, but it takes a really tough person to come back from something like that,” says Cramer. NY Times

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