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Monsanto supporter refuses to drink weed killer

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Correction appended: March 28, 2015.

In a preview clip of an upcoming French documentary, scientist and Monsanto supporter Patrick Moore is seen telling a journalist that it’s completely safe for humans to drink large amounts of Roundup, a weed killer made by the company. When offered a glass, though, he declined, saying he was neither “stupid” nor an “idiot.”

During the 2014 fiscal year, net sales of agricultural productivity products for Monsanto was $5.1 billion, an increase of $594 million year-over-year. That increase was driven by sales of Roundup and other herbicides.

Moore’s controversial interview comes after a report from the World Health Organization linked glyphosate, an ingredient in Roundup, to cancer. Monsanto denies that link and has demanded a retraction.

The company has yet to issue any comment about Moore’s interview.

The agrochemical company is no stranger to ill will: Monsanto ranked as the fourth most-hated company in America earlier this year.

For more about Moore’s TV appearance, head to TIME.

Correction: The original version of this story identified Moore as a paid lobbyist for Monsanto. In a statement published Friday, Monsanto said Moore “is not and never has been a paid lobbyist for Monsanto.” The original version also mischaracterized a World Health Organization report. It linked glyphosate to cancer.