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Boeing ahead of Airbus in 2014 orders

787 Dreamliner Aircraft Previewed Ahead Of Singapore Airshow787 Dreamliner Aircraft Previewed Ahead Of Singapore Airshow
A Boeing plane.Photo by Chris McGrath—Getty Images

In the race for supremacy in the skies, North America appears to be surpassing Europe this year.

The monthly sales reports are out from the two major plane manufacturers and Boeing, as it has for most of the year, is running ahead of Airbus for the most planes ordered and delivered in 2014.

According to Reuters, Boeing (BA) has net orders of 1,274 for the year as of Dec. 2, and has delivered 647 aircrafts. Their continental rival Airbus, meanwhile, has net orders of 1,031 and has delivered just 554 planes.

A major score for Boeing was the $11 billion order it closed with Ryanair in September. Boeing has posted skyrocketing earnings this year, and said in the summer it thinks demand for aircraft will only continue to grow.

Airbus recently closed a deal to sell more planes to JetBlue (JBLU). Reuters also notes that Airbus has said it is negotiating a potential deal in China.